Metered Air Freshener

​Code: 116

Time Dispensing Machines Time dispensing metered air freshener controls odors for up to 4,000 cubic feet. Emits measured dosage every 15 minutes for up to 40 days. Each contains 3000 metered releases. For manual usage, press to release and the appropriate dosage is instantly released. Repeat if necessary. VOC compliant. This time dispensing system provides a convenient, practical way to dispense aerosol metered air freshener. The machine is a small, compact unit, maintenance free, and operates with efficiency. It is pleasing in design and suitable for any industrial or commercial décor. Meter can be set for 5,10,or 15 minutes when lights are on in the room. When the lights are turned off the dispenser will automatically turn off increasing battery life and products efficiency.

​             Scents
APPLE   ​Code: 112

Has the fragrance of freshly spliced apples.

MULBERRY​ Code: 110

Has the fragrance of fresh picked raspberries and strawberries

​LINEN  ​Code: 113

Has the fragrance of clean sheets dried in the air of the outdoors.

​MANGO  ​ Code: 114

Has the fragrance of fresh fruity mango aroma.

​VANILLA  ​Code: 115

Has the fragrance of the orchid that grows on the vanilla-bean plant

​​​Cucumber Melon  ​Code: 119
Cucumber Melon
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