Gel Air Freshener

​Fresh Air Gel Dispenser 

​Code:  127

FRESH AIR GEL DISPENSER Freshens the air! Eliminates malodors! Environmentally safe! Powerful odor counteracts work to freshen the air for more than 30 days. Nonflammable, nontoxic, water-based formulation, VOC compliant, USDA accepted.

​               Scents
​Green Apple

​Code:  120

Green Apple- Aroma of fresh, crisp, ripe green apples.

​Code:  121

Citrus- Wonderful blends of orange, lemon, and lime.


​Code:  122

Mango- Fresh, tropic aroma of sweet mangoes.


​Code:  123

Cherry- sweet, strong and addictive aroma reminiscent of candy.


​Code:  124

Sun Ripened Raspberry- Fruity freshness of sweet and crisp raspberries.

Cucumber Melon

​Code: 125

Cucumber Melon- Fruity honeydew melon blended with green cucumber

Spliced Apple

​Code: 126

Spiced Apple- Blend of baked apples, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

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